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Machine safety ­at a glance

The PC software organizes everything around your machine pool.

The new PC software organizes machine pools, machines, measurement protocols and documents of any format (e.g. pictures, risk analysis, videos or acceptance reports) in a database. In a clearly arranged and easy to navigate input mask you receive a well-organized overview at first glance.

The PC software manages the complete data transfer with the measurement device, e.g. machine pools, measurement protocols, settings and velocity curves.

Comfortable graphic tools allow a quick analysis of the stopping time behaviour of your machine.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS

    Windows XP SP 2 or higher

  • CPU

    Intel Core2Duo

  • RAM


  • Capacity


Archives and organizes:

  • Measurement protocols
  • Machines
  • Machine pools
  • Inspection intvervals
  • Related documents of any format
Reading measuring protocols from DT2
Open / save protocols
Automatic assignation of protocols to machines
Sorting protocols according to name or time
Save protocols as image
Insert protocols in Excel formulars
Customers logo on protocols
Archive and data base
Organization of machine pools, machines and protocols
Assigning various documents (all formats) to machines
Organization of inspection intervals
Transfer of machine pools to DT2
Copying and moving machines
Settings for DT2 – creating and managing
Standard settings for DT2 – creating and managing
Full text search of machines and protocols
Search of machines in pools
Reading velocity data from DT2
Graphical representation of velocity curves
Zoom function
Representation of velocity curve over distance or time
Comparison curves
2 cursor function (time / distance calculation)
Analysis of reaction times control and breaks
Screen shot
Firmware Update

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