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Cable Transducer

Linear distance measurements with cable pulling technology

Our Cable Transducers are specially developed for mobile use. Sturdy housing technology and various mounting options ensure a comfortable use. A high resolution and an outstanding dynamic range allow the precise recording of measurement data, also with very fast machine movements.

Technical Data

  • Weight and Size “Small Cube”
    1250mm, 2000mm

    Size (W x H x L): 60 x 70 x 100 mm weight: 0.7 kg

  • Weight and Size “Cube”
    3000mm, 4500mm, 6000mm

    Size (W x H x L): 80 x 90 x 100 mm weight: 1.3 kg

  • Weight and Size “Big Cube”

    Size (W x H x L): 100 x 146 x 137 mm weight: 2.5 kg

Available Lengths

0 – 1250mm
0 – 2000mm
0 – 3000mm
0 – 4500mm
0 – 6000mm
0 – 13000mm 

Wheel Encoder

For rotating motions and continuous linear movements

The measurement stand allows quick and simple mounting on your machine. An integrated spring system ensures the required pressure. In combination with the stop time meter safetyman® DT2, speeds of up to 20 m/s can be measured.

Technical Data

  • Delivery Contents

    incl. magnetic base with central arm tensioner

  • Disc Size

    Diameter approx. 82 mm

  • Resolution

    500 pulses/rotation

Photo Sensor

Measurement of stopping performance on machines with fast rotating motion

Triple reflectors are attached to the rotating machine part. The Photo Sensor detects these reflectors and sends information on the velocity and stopping time to the measuring device. The Photo Sensor can also be used for speed measurements.

Technical Data

  • Type

    Retro-reflective, polarized

  • Range

    0–3 m

  • Switching Frequency

    1500 Hz

  • Dimensions

    (W x H x L) 15 mm x 47 mm x 32.5 mm

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      NEW in 2023!

      Remote Calibration and Repair Center in the US for our safetyman DT2. With our distribution partner Advent Design Corp. we have found a reliable partner for our North American customers who can now not only buy but also get their stop timers calibrated and repaired directly in the US –  with the same quality service […]